How We Met

Way back in 1993, what would become a lifelong love was born! Kelvin and I met while we were undergraduates (we attended different undergrad schools and ended up attending the same graduate school). He was on my campus passing out flyers for a party his fraternity (Kappa Alpha Psi) was hosting. I was hanging out with friends in the quad. About a week later, he was back on my campus and it was then that he asked me to go out with him. We went on our first date in November of 1993 and we have been a part of each other’s life ever since.

Us Back Then


The Proposal

On Friday, June 12, we were planning to have a date night.  Well before I begin let’s just say this wasn’t my best night. Kelvin is such a mellow, laid back person and I’m well…not anything of the sort (at times). The night starts off on the wrong foot. I saw a nail in one of Kelvin’s tires as he stopped in the driveway to pick me up. So I let it be known that there is no way I was going anywhere in that car to find myself stranded on the side of the freeway waiting for roadside assistance. After we switched cars, we headed out to Seal Beach to have dinner. On the way, he decides to take a call on his cell . I am annoyed that he looks distracted so I begin barking out driving directions and potential road hazards. But he takes it in stride and basically dismisses my behavior. When we get to Seal Beach, I notice he drives past the restaurant we have reservations at. At this point, I am starting to lose it. I can’t believe he just drove past our destination. I was hungry and could care less about exploring Seal Beach. I am looking back at the restaurant demanding he turn left, right, bust a u-turn or something to get us back to where we need to be.

Sooo we end up at the beach. Now, he is searching for a parking space. I am complaining because we will have to pay for parking. In the midst of my parking fee diatribe, he gets out of the car!!! Mind you, I was wearing a black dress and had on 4 ½ platform heels. I had no intention of walking up and down Seal Beach.

BUT, he ended up convincing me into walking the pier which was actually very nice and relaxing. I calmed down and we were holding hands and just enjoying the moment. He has a knack for helping me find inner peace:-) Later we found a bench, sat down and just enjoyed our conversation while watching the sunset together. Then, Kelvin started his monolog about us, how he felt about me, which culminated with how he is a good man, a good father, a good provider, (which he is all of the above) and then he said “I will be a Good HUSBAND” too! That is when I turned around (I was leaning on him) and he had my ring!!!! OMG!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe this was happening. I always thought that I would know and I would be prepared and I would be ready. He caught me sooooo off guard.

What appeared to me as a total disregard for our dinner plans was actually well planned. He had already scouted the location, asked my dad for his blessing and spent months making the ring. He picked each diamond by hand from diamond brokers and had them individually certified. He designed the ring himself and had a wax mold made of it prior to having it poured by a jeweler. And I almost forgot, he also changed the dinner reservation to account for our little foray to the beach. :-)

It was the best proposal ever because it was us being us. He is always so patient. I Love You Kelvin with all my heart!